Spirit Sol 47

I get up, get ready, and go out to the car to go to work. Where I find that the driver's-side window has slipped out of the little rubber track that it's supposed to slide up and down in. So it won't completely roll up, which is a problem on a cold night like tonight. Not to mention that some asshole will steal the radio if we don't fix this ASAP.

I can see the problem, but I don't have the tools to get at the bits I need to get at in order to fix it. I fuck with it for half an hour or so anyway, getting my hands filthy as I slowly freeze. I eventually get so frustrated with it that I just give up.

Good thing I'm not on shift today, because now I have to stay home so that I can take the car to the fucking mechanic and pay them good money to put a piece of glass back in between two pieces of rubber. Nice engineering.

So, to sum up: sure, we can drive a car on another planet, but you'd better not try to roll down the window on your fucking Honda Civic.

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