Opportunity Sol 380 (Spirit Sol 400)

The good news is, we're in that phase where our start time is slipping later and later. The bad news is, I have to come in early today anyway, for a meeting. At least it's something MER-related: it's Jeff and Mark bringing us RPs up to speed on the new mobility flight software. (Just to twist the knife, Frank suggests a way to surreptitiously use one of the new features to ensure I don't get a chance to drive very far. "The way things have been going," I reply wryly, "it's not like you have to work hard to ensure that.")

After that, it's a relatively slow day in RP-land. Russet ended up dead ahead of us, just where we wanted it, in a perfectly cromulent spot for IDDing. We're just going to MB and APXS it thisol. It takes me maybe half an hour to crank out the sequences.

At least I got to name something again. In keeping with the potato theme, Albert Yen named one of the targets "Eye." Then, working down the side, he named two more targets "Nose" and "Mouth." We ended up choosing a location between Eye and Nose, which I named BridgeOfNose.

Well, as I said, it was a relatively slow day.


Matt said...

Cromulent indeed, for "a noble Spirit embiggens the smallest man"... ;)

Very much enjoying your writing Scott - I've read through the entire back catalogue and tracked with the posts each day since ~150.

Thanks for posting your Martian exploits each day!

Luke said...

A noble MI embiggens the smallest rock...