Opportunity Sol 393 (Spirit Sol 413)

I show up a few minutes late for the meeting (acceptable, since I'm RP-2 today), and Frank tells me he's already done. Not because he's a genius (though I'm not saying he's not), but because all we're doing thisol is a simple tool change -- one real command, the rest auto-generated boilerplate. (Just to leave my mark on the sequence, I change the 13.5cm backoff to 13.4cm.) It's going to be a slow day.

But that's okay. I expected that, and came in raring to do tomorrow's work, since we already know what it will be. I come up with the idea of combining the crater egress with the next drive toward Vostok (we had originally planned to do these two things in two sols); Ray likes the idea, so I go ahead and sequence it. One hopes this will mean tomorrow's a slow day as well, but you never know.

We're possibly going to rename RSVP for future missions. I suggest the name "R2" -- a nested acronym for "RSVP 2"; I love that it gives us an obvious mascot. Frank and I like it, at least. We'll see if it flies. Or, rather, drives.

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R2 Drives Too?