Opportunity Sol 462 (Spirit Sol 482)

It's sol 462 here in the Land of Opportunity -- or, rather, we're planning sol 462. But we still haven't uplinked sol 461, because we're in that weird phase.

It's a restricted sol, which means we RPs have no sequences to build. The SOWG meeting finishes in record time (literally).

We have no idea whether yestersol's wheel-steering sequence worked, but Khaled and I plan a candidate drive sequence anyway. We know the general outlines of what Jeff wants to try, and we build that: a 2-meter arc back the way we came, with a heading change to the left, broken up into 10 steps of 20cm each. And lots and lots and lots of pictures.

Will we send it? We'll have to wait until we see what happened when we tried to steer.

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