Opportunity Sol 542 (Spirit Sol 563)

At the SOWG meeting, Larry Soderblom asks if one of the RPs would give an assessment of yestersol's drive and give them a preview of what we're planning to do thisol. "Yestersol went perfectly," I reply, "and we're gonna do it again."

"All right, short and sweet," chuckles Larry.

Yestersol's drive did go perfectly -- textbook. As I expected, we can see that the jumbly bits at the far end of the drive are benign ripples, now that we're right on top of them.

So thisol we're going to drive over them, proceeding another 25m or so along this trough. At the end of that distance is another discontinuity -- probably just a small rise, but large enough that we can't see over it. Beyond that is a sweet-looking patch of outcrop. Off we go.

As I'm sequencing, I overhear Kurt telling Jeff Favretto something. Jake Matijevic has worked out that the drive motors on both vehicles have about 10 million revolutions. They were designed for 2.5 million but qualified for 4 times that, so we're right about at their limits.

Well, I always said we were going to drive these things until the wheels fell off. I guess we'll see how soon that's going to happen.[1]


[1] Five years later -- and many kilometers, and many millions of revs on the motors -- we're still going.

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