Opportunity Sol 582 (Spirit Sol 600)

Today is Erebus Highway Day. I have a feeling about this. The last few drives have all been going great; we're really on a roll. And we can see the highway itself in the distance.

Wait -- "the distance"? Heck, that thing's only 25m away from here.

The problem is, we have only two hours to drive, and with our visodom-heavy drive structures, that's not a lot of time. But I look carefully at the images, and there's a straight path along mostly low ripples -- the highest point I can find is about 13cm, and that's nothing -- leading all the way to the highway. It's the on-ramp.

Well, Mars doesn't give us these gifts every sol, so when we get 'em, we might as well take 'em. I plant a waypoint on the highway and plan a drive that takes us straight there, with periodic slip checks. This is nothing -- should take only an hour and a half or so, even with some extra imaging we're taking along the way.

If all goes as planned, we'll be on the Erebus Highway by Monday!

[Next post: sol 605, September 15.]

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