Spirit Sol 852

Retract the APXS and swing the IDD away for imaging, then return and place the MB where the APXS was. Simple enough; we could do it in our sleep. But this is the third try, the first two having been frustrated by random uplink failures -- nobody's fault either time, just plain bad luck.

Theoretically, we just have to roll the sequence forward to thisol and deliver it, and we're done. But Chris and I can't help thinking up better ways to do it, and in the end we pretty much rewrite the whole thing.

Al Herrera notices the activity and perks up. "You guys just changing the sol number?"

"Nope," I admit, "we had five minutes, and thought of something else."

"Not surprised," he chuckles, and returns his attention to his laptop.

Well, the new way is better, it really is. Can I help it if Chris and I are perfectionists?

[Next post: sol 857 (Opportunity sol 836), June 1.]

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