Spirit Sol 1024

Opportunity's drive stopped early; what was to be a 1.5m bump was a 1m bump. But they can see just fine from where they ended up, so they're staying there.

Spirit's drive didn't go as well as planned, either; we failed to stomp the outcrop. However, we ended up where we wanted to be, which on this vehicle is a huge success. We might try again.

But for now, we're OK with where we are, and we're up to some light IDD work: MI+APXS thisol, RAT nextersol.

Terry's the shadow today, and he needs more practice using the IDD, so I hand it over to him.

It's a long day. A long, long day.

[Next post: sol 1029 (Opportunity sol 1009), November 25 -- MSL's launch date, we hope!]

Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech. We might not have done everything we wanted, but we ended up in a cool place. Those platy-looking outcrops make tasty food for our robotic arm.

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