Spirit Sol 1070

"Way to go, RPs!" Oded Aharonson exclaims over the telecon. "You guys are awesome!"

We can't believe it ourselves. There's Montalva, right in the middle of the IDD workspace. Spirit ended up less than 8mm from her goal position, and she kept trying to make it until the clock ran out.

Good girl. I love this rover. Way to kick off that fourth Earth year, baby!

So, since she made it, we're going to take full advantage of her new position: whip out the IDD and start working this outcrop over. We RAT-brush it, MI it, and plant the APXS.

[Next post: sol 1073, January 9.]

Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech. Way to start that fourth Earth year, girl. I love you.

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