Spirit Sol 1144

I like Torquas, mainly because for some reason it's easy to create catchy sequence names incorporating it. "Tool Change on Torquas" is today's sequence -- sounds like it oughta be an Edgar Rice Borroughs short story.

Like most tool-change sequences, it's a pretty simple one. And it was already written, yesterday, by someone else. But it's got a weird little quirk -- nothing wrong, just unusual -- and Ashitey and I are curious about it. Sometimes these little quirks don't mean anything, and sometimes they're a warning that there's something yesterday's team understood and we don't. So we call Paolo and ask him to explain it to us.

Turns out, it's nothing -- just one of the newer kids building sequences, and not quite on the same page with the rest of us. But Paolo's tickled that we asked him: "Last week, Jeff Biesiadecki asked me to review a drive sequence. Today, Ashitey asked me to review an IDD sequence. Only thing that could top that would be for Steve Squyres to ask me a science question!"

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