Spirit Sol 134

Ashitey needs to leave early, so he asks me to come in at 7 and handle the CAM for him. I arrive just after Chris hands off to him -- if we'd known, I could have come in a little earlier and Ashitey wouldn't have had to come in at all. Oh, well. At least it's a straightforward drive -- except for some unusual business involving the turn-for-comm at the end, it's in the same mold as everything else we've been doing lately.

"By the way, congratulations on yesterday," Ashitey says.

I just got here. "How did we do yesterday?"

"One hundred and thirteen meters," he says. We shake hands. It's not a record, but it's a good solid sol. Another day, another football field.

We were helped along by a good autonav performance -- our longest autonav ever, in fact, at 78m. At the moment, we're in a less rocky zone, which means autonav has fewer obstacles to avoid, which means it spends more time driving and less time thinking.

Mostly, the day is otherwise normal. The only glitch comes when a script that's an important part of the uplink process turns out to have a bug. I help Cindy Oda work around it. Turns out the script was updated the previous day and wasn't sufficiently tested. Man, I hate those software developers!

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