Spirit Sol 135

Ashitey's and my schedules got all screwed up by the SpaceOps fiasco, followed by my semi-switching with him yesterday. An email exchange fails to clarify who's on shift today -- both of us were volunteering. Weird; most arguments of that sort involve people trying to get out of work.

Where I think the matter gets left is: Ashitey's working today. But it's not really clear, so I wait until it would be time for him to be there, and then I call Emily Eelkema, thisol's TUL.

"Hey, Emily, is Ashitey there?"

"No ... and we're just about to have our Activity Plan Approval Meeting." She starts to sound concerned. "He'd normally be here by now."

Er ...

"Well, there was some schedule confusion," I tell her. "I'll call him and get back to you. One way or another, I'll make sure you have an RP-2."

Ashitey doesn't answer his cell phone. Oh, goody. So I call Emily and tell her I'll be there in 20 minutes, then I jump into the car and take off.

Twenty minutes later, I walk into the sequencing MSA ... and there's Ashitey, who looks at me in surprise. We both laugh, and I turn around and go home.

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