Spirit Sol 222

I've been scheduled for the last few sols, but there's been no rover motion. We're taking advantage of our good power situation and our excellent location to take a bunch of images and charge the battery. So I keep coming in and being told, "Nothing interesting today; you can go home." And going home.

I came in today mainly to drop off my copy of the Linux Journal that has Frank's and my RSVP article in it. We're duly congratulated.

I'm on as RP-1 tomorrow, and I think we'll actually be doing stuff. But it looks like tomorrow will be a simple sol. All we're doing is a very short drive, not much more than a turn in place, and Ashitey already has a preliminary version ready. After I go over this with him, there's not much more to do but go home. So I do that.

Our issue of the Linux Journal. Not too surprisingly, we made the cover.

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