Spirit Sol 232

The longer we stay at a rock target, the easier exploring it becomes. In part this is because we can reuse successful commands from previous sols, leveraging our previous problem solving.

It's thanks in part to this effect that Ashitey is already done with the sequence by the time I come in. And it looks like it's going to be a short day. Kevin Talley, our TUL today, wants to get out of here to play with a new flight simulator he's hoping UPS will bring him this afternoon.

Such an easy sol. For the first time in a long time, we actually run ahead of schedule and finish an hour early.

So now we know: want to stay on schedule? Buy Kevin a new flight simulator. If only we'd known that back on sol 1.[1]

[Next post: sol 237, September 2.]


[1] Kevin left for a while to work on Phoenix, and is now back on MER, training as a rover driver. I'd forgotten this particular insight until now, but will have to keep it in mind for some time when I'm on shift with him and need to hurry the day along.

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