Opportunity Sol 325 (Spirit Sol 345)

It's a skip sol -- the drive we planned yesterday hasn't even started executing yet, so we can't sequence the next one. But because of the upcoming Christmas break (that is, we hope we get a break), we're getting a head start on tomorrow's two-sol plan.

Ray lays out the goal for the sol-325 drive, the one we'll plan tomorrow morning: we want to get to a spot we're calling "North Point," 20m north of the heat shield. We work out an estimate of the needed drive resources, but until we know how this drive went, we can't do too much more. (That is, we can't do too much more with respect to the driving; the scientists have a lot to talk about.)

I do manage to enshrine the half-bit-per-pixel penultimate FHAZ in the plan, presumably making it the default for many sols to come. They've got 180Mbits of imaging coming up, and I'm determined to save them every megabit I can -- whether they want it or not, damn it!

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