Spirit Sol 339

Lots of slip, little progress. What else is new? At this rate, I don't stand a chance of hitting that 4km mark.

So it's another day of struggling toward Larry's Lookout. Thisol we're driving a little more across the slope, a little less upslope, so maybe we'll slip less.

One thing's for sure: I need to come in earlier when working on Spirit, at least when the sol is going to be complicated (like today). I don't really have enough time to get up to speed, or to influence the RP-1's decisions when I think they're wrong, when I come in later. So I'm going to try to switch to the Opportunity model next time I'm RP-2 on Spirit.

One other thing: I might be making a mistake in keeping a running to-do list and conscientiously trying to take care of the items on it. At least, that's Chris's opinion: in an echo of Andy's advice to me earlier in the mission, Chris says, "I used to do that. But now ..." he shrugs. "I figure anything that really needs doing will come to my attention repeatedly."

Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech. Making a mess as we climb Husband Hill.

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