Opportunity Sol 787 (Spirit Sol 807)

Autonav worked, and it worked great. We came this close to making it all the way to the autonav waypoint, putting a total of 58.97m on the wheels. More important than the extra dozen meters or so, of course, is that it's back in everyone's consciousness. Also, now we can truthfully say we've proved it works, and we can use it again.

But today won't be the day. Today's drive is a fairly complex one, involving not one but two ripple crossings. We hop a nearby ripple, zoom down the trough for about 25m, and then hop another ripple onto a patch of outcrop at the far end-- total, about 35m. Jeng's RP-1, and he basically works out the whole thing.

Which leaves me with just one thing to do: take the credit.

I mean, assuming it works.

[Next post: sol 809 (Opportunity sol 789), April 13.]

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