Spirit Sol 817

It's a slow day. We're planning two sols of IDD work today -- 817 and 819 -- but they couldn't be much simpler. One's just a tool change from the APXS to the MB, and the other retracts the MB and swings it in so that it's out of the PCAM FOV.

Plus, I already wrote them, a couple of days ago. So all that remains is for me to turn this into a training opportunity, watching Terry laboriously rewrite them, from scratch.

John Callas alerts me that we have visitors -- a passel of Indonesian legislators in the tow of Congressman Dreyer -- but since they don't speak much English and are foreign nationals from a "designated country" anyway, they don't come by the sequencing area. I never even see them.

I'm not really sure they were ever there. Maybe it was just some kind of practical joke Callas was playing on me, and it went over my head.

[Next post: sol 821, April 25.]

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