Opportunity Sol 958 (Spirit Sol 979)

"Have you see Mark Maimone yet?" Matt Heverly asks me as I walk into the sequencing room. "He's kind of freaking out."

And he's overreacting. The drive went just about exactly as planned, leaving us poised near the rim with a beautiful view out onto Cape Verde. It's the "near the rim" part that Mark was apparently freaking out about. By the time I find him, he's calmed down, admitting that he'd misread part of the uplink report.

So if he's happy, I'm happy. Matt and I go off and plan thisol's drive, one that will take us 20m out onto Cape Verde. If this one goes well, it'll leave us set up for the final bump to our pre-conjunction imaging position. And nobody will be freaking out.

Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech. Peeking over the rim of Cape Verde into the interior of Victoria Crater.

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